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1) Open the mailbox in question 2) Click on the Exchange Advanced tab 3) Click on Mailbox Rights 4) Add the AD user who will be sending emails as this mailbox 5) Ensure Full Mailbox Access is selected for the user 6) Click Apply and OK 7) Test if you can now send-as from user's Outlook client after waiting for Exchange to apply the change Dec 28, 2020 · This add-on changes the "Send Later" command (Ctrl+Shift+Return) in the message composition window, so that instead of merely copying the message into your Outbox so that it is sent the next time you go online or do "Send Unsent Messages", a dialog pops up which allows you to specify when the message will be sent. Nov 23, 2020 · Under the Exchange tab, click the Full access & Send as link. In the new window, add users to the access list by selecting from the address book, or enter their names and click the Check button. Select the appropriate option for whichever mailboxes you want to have Send As or Full Access permission for this mailbox. Static agents do not need to “log in” to the queue, and cannot “log out” of the queue. List extensions to ring, one per line. You can include an extension on a remote system or an external number (outbound routing must contain a valid route for external numbers). You can use the Agent Quick Select menu to quickly find and add extensions.