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linux-usb-devel sourceforge lists - anything linux-usb related. If you want to submit a patch this is where you'd send it (after reading the kernel docs about submitting patches!) Sourceforge FTDI SIO Project Page - this is the sourceforge page for this driver. The linux usb web site is the place to go for anything to do with usb and linux. Jul 05, 2017 · (On Mac or Linux, run traceroute instead.) You’ll gradually see the route take form as your computer receives responses from the routers along the way. If you run a traceroute for another website – particularly one hosted in a different region of the world – you’d see how the paths differ. 5.nflog (Linux netfilter log (NFLOG) interface) 6.nfqueue (Linux netfilter queue (NFQUEUE) interface) 7.usbmon1 (USB bus number 1) 8.usbmon2 (USB bus number 2) 9.usbmon3 (USB bus number 3) 10.usbmon4 (USB bus number 4) Now that you have a list of interfaces, you can choose one, and pass its name as input to the -i command-line option of tcpdump.