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The resource sinks - laboratories. The row at the top left has been there from the start of the game, and consumes most of the 1/2 belt of science packs fed into it. The rest gets consumed at the middle-top laboratories, and the bottom-right laboratories consume another half-belt, totaling 2.7k SPM (Science Per Minute). SpringBoard Algebra 2, Unit 5 Practice 17.olve the equation S 3 52x2 5 3 64x2 . 18. Model with mathematics. The output of a paper-producing plant is a function of the weight of the raw materials used by the plant. The output is 3 times the cube root of the raw materials usedSurface area worksheets comprise an enormous collection of exercises on different solid figures. The large chunk of exercises is categorized based on a step-by-step approach involving counting unit squares to determine the SA, finding the surface area of nets, and then computing the surface area of geometrical shapes like cubes, cones, cylinders, rectangular prisms, L-shaped prisms, spheres ...