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The most widely-used compressibility factor charts are apparently those of Nelson and Obert (1954, 1955). These have been extended [see, e.g., Liley (1987)] to include the saturated liquid. A three-parameter correlation Z = f(P r , T r , ω), where ω = acentric factor = −log 10 p r (T r = 0.7) −1, involves the use of two compressibility ... by Barchart - Tue Dec 29, 3:11PM CST . Feb Nymex natural gas (NGG21) on Tuesday closed up +0.118 (+5.07%). Feb nat-gas prices on Tuesday rebounded sharply from Monday's 3-month low on signs of strength in nat-gas demand. Metric Conversion Calculator. is an online conversion tool which helps you to convert Metric and Imperial units easily. Start conversion by selecting unit type. The temperature rise method may be used for fossil fuel and electric furnaces. However, because the heat content of natural gas varies from day to day and hour to hour, and fuel oil from tank to tank, the temperature rise method should only be used to get the airflow close to the manufacturer’s recommendation, and cannot be used for AC system capacity verification.