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capacity (¢CP°) and entropy (¢S°) changes are greater for actomyosin VI than actomyosin V, suggesting different extents of ADP-induced structural rearrangement. Myosins are molecular motors that utilize the energy from adenosine 5′-triphosphate (ATP)1 binding, hydrolysis, and product release to perform mechanical work along actin Right: Effect of Mg 2+ concentration on the free energy of hydrolysis of ATP (DG ATP) at pH 7.0. Note that for ATP synthesis, the reaction is written in the reverse direction, and the sign of the free energy change is reversed, so that: ADP + inorganic phosphate (Pi) <=> ATP + H 2 O DG o ' = +7.3 kcal. mol-1Get the detailed answer: a) The hydrolysis of one molecule of ATP to ADP is equivalent tohow many kBT?(Hint#1: Choose T as anything reasonable.)b) The prob In biology the term "high-energy bond" is used to describe an exergonic reaction involving the hydrolysis of the bond in question that results in a "large," negative change in free energy. Remember that this change in free energy has not only to do with the bond in question but rather the sum of all bond rearrangements in the reaction.