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Did Harry buy new clothes and his wand? Did Ron, Harry and Hermione go to Gryffindor House? Did Draco Malfoy like Harry?Jun 15, 2008 · Harry chuckled at that and reached for another Chocolate Frog. Suddenly, the compartment door flew open, causing everyone to jump in surprise. A scowling Draco Malfoy reluctantly stepped in, looking very much like a man walking off a plank. The pale, ferret boy was no more – since the last few years, he was the human equivalent of a god. - Draco X Reader. - Contains smut, toxicity & drama. This story contains sexual, violent and upsetting scenes. 18+ A.N; I own the characters; Mattheo Riddle, Jacob Nawaro, Odeya Sayre. I do not own any of the other characters or Harry Potter; all credit goes to J.K ROWLING.