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W205 c300 performance upgrades
Deutz ® D 2.9 L4 Ground Drive Pump Capacity 31.5 gpm Fuel Diesel Ground Drive Pump Relief Pressure 3,650 psi Cooling Medium Water Attachment Drive Injection Direct Trencher 5,000 psi Aspiration Natural Plow/Saw 3,750 psi Number of Cylinder 4 Switchable pressure relief valve for high or low oil pressure. Nonrecirculating LP fuel pump. 10. 12. 12. Variable output LP pump controlled by HP pump output. Low-pressure EGR — 95. 95. Additional piping (~$20) and valves (e.g., integrated back pressure and LP EGR rate ~$75), much more difficult to package for V6 engine with underfloor DPF ...