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You must select the conductor size from Table 310.16 according to the terminal temperature rating (60°C or 75°C) of the equipment [110.14(C)]. Let's reinforce this concept by working through a sample calculation. Refer to Fig. 4. Example No. 3: What size THHN conductor do you need for a 2-hp, 230V, single-phase motor? (a) 14 AWG (c) 10 AWG (b ... Purpose: Changes of state (phase changes) occur in the change between solid and liquid and liquid and gas. In the phase change simulation you observe a change between liquid and gas. In this activity, you will observe what happens as lauric acid (C12H24O2) melts. You will measure 1) Solve for the heat required to increase the water temperature from 33.0 oC to 100.0 oC. Stop here because the water will change phase at this temperature. 2) Solve for the heat required to change the water into steam (no change in temp). 3) Calculate the heat required to change the temperature of the steam from 100.0 oC to 110.0 oC.