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BHO Nets by Parke de Extracciones is a kit with 5 filters that is to be placed at the bottom of the pipe with which BHO extractions are carried out by using a metal flange (not included). Size: 12 x 12 cm 45 or 73 micron filter 12” Collection Chamber 10” x 12” Recovery Tank with Dual Ports 3/4 HP Recovery Pump 4” x 24” Material Tube 4” Material Tube Lid with Valve 3 – 4” Clamps 1 – 12” Clamp 3/4″ Fire Resistant Hoses with High Pressure Fittings 1 Micron Filter Using the two-step process of dry ice hash extraction followed by butane extraction in a closed loop system is a drastic improvement of efficiency. It reduces the total number of runs required, the amount of butane that needs to be dehydrated, and the inherent risk of using butane and hydrocarbons as a solvent.