Woods hd315 specs
Atr trailing stop indicator python
1x12x16 cedar
The relay is an automatic protective and switching device which is capable of sensing abnormal conditions in electrical circuits. These are operated to open or close the load contacts in response to one or more electrical quantities like voltage and current. For more than 40 years, Backwoods Solar has sold customized renewable energy equipment. We sell: solar panels (also called solar modules), wind turbines, micro-hydro turbines, all balance of system components, custom-built solar panel system kits and custom-designed solar power system plans. This type of relay typically uses a five-wire design. Constant battery voltage is applied on one wire; ground on another. A third circuit carries a signal from the ignition switch and a fourth supplies voltage to the PCM. The fifth wire is the power relay sense circuit. It is used by the PCM to monitor power relay voltage.