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Pediatric Epilepsy Care . In the Pediatric Epilepsy Monitoring Units (PEMU), patient care is optimized through the design of the unit, nurse and family education, communication, and medication administration (Perkins and Buchhalter, 2006). Recent research to establish frequency and type of Epilepsy, time of duration and efficacy of treatment in ... Day Surgery Patients on Inpatient Nursing Unit : 1008: 02-Jan-20: Day Surgery Unit Standards of Care: 1164: 02-Jan-20: Death, Adult and Pediatric care of, release of : 1077: 09-Sep-20: Delegation of Task to UCP : 1168: 02-Jan-20: Doppler Assessment (ABPI-TBPI) for Compression Therapy (Intiating a Plan of Care) 1018: 25-Jan-17: Drains-care of ... Fundamental Concepts and Skills for Nursing 5th Edition provides all the basic theoretical and applied knowledge that the LPN/LVN nurse needs to practice in an expanded number of care settings such as the community clinic physician’s office long-term care facility home and acute-care hospital setting. With an extensive art program and thorough discussion of QSEN this text addresses topics ...