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These trees come in different shapes and sizes from under 4 feet to over 8 feet. Brighten up your place with a lovely pre-lit Christmas tree that has even light placement and minimal wires. We have unlit artificial trees if you like to decorate the tree with your family and friends or want to try new decorations every year.This artificial Christmas tree was used as a store prop by the old Montgomery Wards store when it was located on Main Street in Ventura. It was found behind the store after Christmas, tossed out with other decorations, by two youngsters: David Drapeau and Don Armistead. The tree found a new home with the Drapeau family and was used for many years. Artificial Trees & Silk Trees - Indoor/Outdoor There’s nothing more inspiring or fulfilling than the great outdoors. Unfortunately, the fast pace culture we live in today drives us to spend more and more time indoors.