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May 29, 2020 · MotorTrend liked the 1986 RX-7 enough to name it Import Car of the Year, and Mazda was still only getting warmed up. The RX-7 Turbo II arrived for 1987 with 182 hp and a sub-7.0 second 0 to 60 mph ... 4 and 8 point roll bars manufactured from 1-3/4'' x .134-wall mild steel tubing 10 and 12 point roll cages manufactured from 1-5/8'' x .134-wall mild steel tubing Includes 6'' x 6'' x 1/8'' mounting plates Some tube ends in some kits are notched while most tube ends are not notched for a better custom fit in your particular set-up. Mazdz RX7 FD Connector index. Copyright: © All Rights Reserved. B1-19 - Heat Hazard Sensor (FR) Page 30. B1-20 - EL Unit (D) Page 30. B1-21 - Power Steering Switch (F) Page 30. Documents Similar To Mazda RX7 FD Connector index.